2011 November 16 — Nico Cellinese, Brent Mishler, and David Baum recently brought forward a proposal to amend the PhyloCode with respect to species (link to PDF file below). As the first substantial proposed change to the code in quite some time, we think that it is very important to give the society and the community a chance to provide feedback to the CPN on this proposal. As such, the CPN has voted in favor of the following:

"The CPN approves the posting on the ISPN website of the Cellinese et al. proposal regarding species, with the understanding that a vote of approval does not imply that all future proposals to the CPN for modification of the draft PhyloCode will be posted. The posting will be accompanied by a statement encouraging members of the scientific community to send their comments to the CPN Secretary."

Therefore, anyone interested in commenting on the proposal, please read the linked document and send comments to the CPN Secretary, David Marjanović (). before the end of December 2011.

Download the Proposal (PDF)

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